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Strength, safety and durability are mandatory requirements with specifying Industrial Ladders. The excellent insulation flame retardant properties and, due to their advanced method of manufacturing, offer decided benefits over traditional wooden/ metal construction ladders.

Outstanding light in weight, yet tough and rigid, the sure-footed Densons ladders withstands temperature range of -200C to -900C.Gives two to three times longer working life than traditional wooden/metal construction ladders.
The manufacturing technology used, offers all the advantages of traditional materials such as wood and aluminium  while eliminating their limitations. These ladders are produced in conformity with all safety norms.


  • Aesthetic look with no maintenance
  • Low transportation cost and very light in weight
  • Self extinguishable & resistant to wide range of chemicals
  • Withstands wind load 150 Km/hr
  • Dimensional stability -500C to 900C
  • Various pigments can be added to the resin to give variety of colour range
  • Unaffected by termites and insects

Important Safety Instruction

Proper set up and use - Single and Extension Ladders
To establish if Ladder is at proper angle - determine the distance along the rail between the top and bottom support points of the Ladder. Divide the distance by four. The result will be horizontal distance between the top and bottom support points.

  • Erect Ladder with 1-3 feet extending above the roof line or working surface.
  • Secure top and bottom from movement where possible.
  • Check that top and bottom of Ladder are properly supported
  • Face Ladder when climbing up or down. Maintain a firm grip.
  • Use both hands in climbing.
  • Keep body centered between slide rails. Do not over reach.
  • Get down and move Ladders as needed.
  • Don't straddle or sit on rungs.
  • Avoid pushing or pulling off to side of Ladder. Don't Walk or Shift Ladder while on it.
Proper Case and Storage Densons Ladder are of following types
Hang Ladder on racks at intervals of feet for support.
Never store materials on ladders.
Never drop or apply impact load to Ladder.
Secure support Ladder in transit.
A' type Ladder
Self supporting rope operated Telescopic Ladder
Single section Ladder
Double section Ladder

Ladder Size

'A' Type Telescopic Ladder Single Section Ladder Double Section Ladder
3' 15' 6' 15'
6' 20' 8' 20'
9' 25' 10' 25'
12' 30' 12' 30'
15' 35' 14' 35'