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GTA is always ready to help its Customers during difficult times:

Transformers are one of the most expensive Electrical equipment and are designed to have  a working life of 25-30 years. However, at times, due to inadequate protections in the system or due to inadequate expertise in the operation of Transformers, these costly equipments get damaged.Due to exorbitant cost, it often becomes difficult to replace them. Keeping in view  such problems, GTA has commissioned a state-of-the-art Transformer repair facility which is one of the largest in the entire continent of Africa. 

GTA has the requisite technology, know-how and resources  to repair, rewind, overhaul and test Power Transformers up to 150MVA, 400kV. In addition, we also have the expertise to repair Rectifiers, Shunt Reactors, Induction and Arc Furnace transformers, EHV CTs, VTs and Circuit Breakers.

Do you have same kind of problems?
Need repair/ uprating or any design modifications? We have separate staff of trained engineers as transformer problem solvers.

Transformer Repairs and Upgrading:
Keeping in view our long and expertise in the field of Design, Manufacturing & Testing of Power/ Distribution/ Rectifier /Induction / Arc Furnace transformers, GTA has offered its services to its valued clients, GTA thus provides refurbishment & transformer at the fraction of cost of New transformer.

Repairs include: Inspection, Testing, Core repairs, refurbishment and restacking complete rewinds and LTC repairs and adjustment.

Uprating includes: KVA increase, change in voltage, clamping improvements, use of modern insulating materials.

Very often, we have repaired transformers of world renowned suppliers by doing reverse engineering including re-winding of coils/ repair of OLTC etc.

The storage, handling & lifting facilities, the winding & unique vacuum drying & testing facilities, the long & rich expertise of its highly qualified professionals , and its multi locational facilities , make GTA the unique choice, when such facilities are required.

GTA thus becomes a true friend, when in real need.

Design Services:
Our staff of engineers can assist you in redesigning transformers to meet changes required by customer for increased capacity, voltage or short circuit duty improvements. We keep current with industry developments and technology to present you with state-of-the-art repair options.